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10 Best Ways to Become a Model

on Jul 28, 2013 in Modeling | 11 comments

The luxurious and glamorous life of being a model is something we all secretly want to have. To become famous, travel all around the world, and be known in the modeling realm. But, is it really that difficult to become a model? The modeling world is very much competitive and in reality, models are one of the most hard-working people in the planet. There is no easy way to become a model, but the decision on what type of model you would want to become is part of the first step! You need to figure out what type of model you can be, and find a way to make it happen. You need to be aggressive and learn the best ways to become a model. The Basics Take care of yourself. Treat your body as an asset. You should always make it a point to eat a healthy diet to help make your skin young and glowing. Find the modeling type that is best cut out for you. There are different types of models in the industry. You should check whether you are cut out for the requirements for a certain type. You can choose whether you fit being a plus size model, a print model, a runway model or an underwear model, if you don’t fit their criteria you can also be a hand, foot or hair model. There is also an option to be an alternative model. Educate yourself about the industry. Coming out of your shell and deciding that you want to become a model is the start of everything, but you should be able to learn about the industry itself. The modeling world is tough and you should really educate yourself by reading articles and books on modeling. The Start: Snapshots and Portfolios Take head shots. Head shots are the first thing that should be on your portfolio. Consider having a professional photographer, use natural light and don’t put on a lot of make-up. These are meant for the agencies to see you at your natural state. Know your measurements. This will make it easier for the agencies to place you. Know your personal stats. Create your portfolio. Your portfolio will contain your professional shots....

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