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10 Best Ways to Become a Model

on Jul 28, 2013 in Modeling | 11 comments

The luxurious and glamorous life of being a model is something we all secretly want to have. To become famous, travel all around the world, and be known in the modeling realm. But, is it really that difficult to become a model? The modeling world is very much competitive and in reality, models are one of the most hard-working people in the planet.

There is no easy way to become a model, but the decision on what type of model you would want to become is part of the first step! You need to figure out what type of model you can be, and find a way to make it happen. You need to be aggressive and learn the best ways to become a model.

The Basics

  1. Take care of yourself. Treat your body as an asset. You should always make it a point to eat a healthy diet to help make your skin young and glowing.
  2. Find the modeling type that is best cut out for you. There are different types of models in the industry. You should check whether you are cut out for the requirements for a certain type. You can choose whether you fit being a plus size model, a print model, a runway model or an underwear model, if you don’t fit their criteria you can also be a hand, foot or hair model. There is also an option to be an alternative model.
  3. Educate yourself about the industry. Coming out of your shell and deciding that you want to become a model is the start of everything, but you should be able to learn about the industry itself. The modeling world is tough and you should really educate yourself by reading articles and books on modeling.
  4. The Start: Snapshots and Portfolios

  5. Take head shots. Head shots are the first thing that should be on your portfolio. Consider having a professional photographer, use natural light and don’t put on a lot of make-up. These are meant for the agencies to see you at your natural state.
  6. Know your measurements. This will make it easier for the agencies to place you. Know your personal stats.
  7. Create your portfolio. Your portfolio will contain your professional shots. It will include your profile shots, head shots and body shots. This is what you will use to present your potentials.
  8. Look for an agent. Set an appointment with modeling agencies and always look your best. Try to catch their attention and impress them in any way you can. If one agency turns you down, there are many modeling agencies in the world. Don’t give up too easily!
  9. On The Job

  10. Be determined and hard-working! Always believe in yourself and do your best in every shoot.
  11. Be polite and professional. Never be late in any appointments that you have. Always be professional and treat everyone respectfully. Never look down on anyone.
  12. Always be creative. You should pose in many creative ways and show the photographers what you have in store. Interact with the camera, but don’t forget to follow the photographer’s directions!


  1. i really want to be an model like coco and i know i i will be and i will be that…….


    April 30, 2014

  2. I do take care of my self and lots of people call me beautiful hope to be a model

    Giovanna Muneton

    April 12, 2014

  3. Im very serious about been a model. I.just need work on my model walk.

    Meshon Thomas

    March 30, 2014

  4. hi

    manju goswami

    March 28, 2014

  5. This is great advice I got a call from a modeling place but my mom looked it up and it wasn’t a good place ib wish it was

    Nina Perez

    March 15, 2014

  6. I am 19 year old female who has been dreaming on this for many years. I have what it takes to become a model and I have the confidence, looks and personality.

    Alexis Oakes

    February 8, 2014

  7. This is really good advice considering the fact that i want to become a model.


    December 27, 2013

  8. ive done modeling before and ive past but i did not have the money for but if you give me a chance i wont let you down thanks


    December 4, 2013

  9. I dont know how too start my portfolio off without any money. That’s the question .


    November 20, 2013

  10. This is true. To become a model you have to follow these steps. I want to be a model and so far i’m doing pretty well. One more year until Americas next top model. You have to be 18 to be on there. And I also want to add in there that you cant copy and paste, which means you cant copy people and expect people to like you because you copied. It doesn’t work that way. Be your self. Don’t copy . You wont be famous for modeling you will be famous for copying. This is a very good blog. 🙂

    Tajsia Thompson

    October 13, 2013

  11. I really like the advise Yahll give it is really helpful I have done everything that I can do now all I can do is keep putting in for agents and casting calls

    Zoei De Chanel

    October 9, 2013

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