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Can I Become a Voice Over Talent?

on Jul 31, 2013 in Voice Overs | 27 comments

The ever growing entertainment industry has so far been complimented with a number of innovative skills involved in both radio and TV. One such creative process that has proven to be quite interesting and better yet effective, is a technique known as Voice Over. This is simply referred to someone reading a script – mostly for TV and radio commercials, narrations for promotional and instructional videos, audio books, or even acting in animations. The question as to whether you can become a Voice Over Actor / Talent should no longer bother you. Take the memorable step in your acting career and be sure to experience an exciting new style that will earn you lots of cash. How to Get Into Voice Overs Get prepared for a rejection no matter how good you are. During the auditions, anything can happen depending on your performance or the listening judge. If rejected, get over it! Practice even harder by reading aloud – at times this helps to tape TV spots or radio spots to playback while at the same time mimic the Voice Over Talent. This will most definitely help you learn different styles of reading which would inn turn sharpen your skills. It is best that you use your natural voice when starting out. Learn to express yourself as an actor, varying intonation, pacing, including how to breathe properly while reading scripts. Although projecting may sometimes be a good tool for theatrical works, it is mostly common for a Voice Over Actor to talk in a softer, evenly modulated, and a more conversational tone. Save the projections (loud talks) for hard-sell truck pull commercials. A good voice coach is an added advantage in Voice Overs although you can do it on your own. If you have to look for one, make sure that he or she has proper references because you’ll need a trainer who not only understands but has good knowledge on what producers look for when it comes to Voice Over Talent. Even if you are doing it on your own at first, ensure that you practice till you sound professionally good. You should always have in mind that this is a gradual process; it doesn’t matter whether you...

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